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Archive | September, 2012

Neti pot

PCR tracks down brain-eating amoeba

‘Brain eating’ perhaps sounds rather dramatic, but the Naegleria fowleri amoeba, which is usually found in warm, freshwater lakes and rivers, has an unpleasant effect in human beings – if it enters the nose it can migrate to the brain via a nerve, and cause a rare form of meningitis called primary amoebic meningoencephalitis. Researchers […]

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Intellectual property and your thesis

I’ve been at my PhD for almost 18 months now and I’ve come up against the barrier of intellectual property rights on more than one occasion. Intellectual Property (IP) is that which is created by an invention or design and then deemed to belong to its creator.  Life science companies use their IP rights all […]

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DNA agarose gel electrophoresis

What are the different kinds of PCR?

PCR (polymerase chain reaction) is an amazing tool for use in clinical and diagnostic medicine and research, but there is more than just one kind, all with different applications and levels of sensitivity. This is a whirlwind trip around the subject, and isn’t exhaustive – please post any other techniques that you use in the […]

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