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Archive | January, 2013

PCR helps researchers view cellular functions

Researchers at the US Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute have created a new and very sensitive technique to detect the glycans (sugars) in living organisms. Dubbed glyco-qPCR, this uses quantitative PCR (qPCR; real-time PCR) techniques. The genome (the whole of a cell, tissue or organism’s DNA or RNA), exome (all the coding portions of the genome), and […]

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On being an imposter

You worked hard on your GCSEs in order to do your A-Levels.  Your A-Level grades got you into university and you were even accepted to do a master’s degree.  Your work as a master’s student got you noticed by an academic and you managed to secure funding for a PhD.  You’ve spent your academic life […]

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Applications in PCR: PCR in gene expression analysis

Nearly all of the cells in an organism carry the same genetic material and so the same collection of genes, but different cells have different roles and so have different profiles of genes active at any one time. Gene expression analysis provides a snapshot of these genetic patterns, and quantitative PCR (real-time PCR) plays a […]

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