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Archive | August, 2014


PCR tracks the bacteria in osteomyelitis

US researchers are looking into the use of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to improve the detection of the bacteria causing osteomyelitis, an infection of the bone, which could help in choosing the right antibiotic and monitoring the progress of the disease and its treatment. Osteomyelitis, a long-term infection of the bone causing pain, inflammation, […]

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PCR helps find gene fusions in lung cancer

Understanding about the genetic changes behind cancer can help doctors create the best treatment patterns for patients. PCR (polymerase chain reaction) has been used to learn more about ROS1 fusion genes in lung cancer in East Asian patients, and look at its impact on clinical outcome and patient prognosis. Patients carrying ROS1 fusion genes can […]

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US authorizes use of PCR test in Ebola outbreak

The US authorities have authorized the use of a PCR (polymerase chain reaction) test in the current Ebola outbreak, according to a report in the UK newspaper The Guardian. The Department of Defense Ebola Zaire (EZ1) rRT-PCR (TaqMan®) Assay [pdf download] has been authorized for use in Department of Defense-designated laboratories for emergency responders, aid […]

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