Introducing SEPSIS-xxpress

SEPSIS-xxpress is BJS Biotechnologies’ rapid POC (point of care) sepsis testing system in development as part of a London-based consortium. The new system combines BJS’s experience in sample preparation, automation and real-time PCR with Brunel University London’s microfluidic engineering skills, while St Georges, University of London, will run clinical trials.

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With an estimated 25 million annual cases of sepsis (blood poisoning) worldwide and over 37,000 avoidable deaths in the UK, the effective diagnosis of sepsis is a major unmet medical need. Delivering rapid actionable results in a POC setting will enable the correct antimicrobial treatment to be given, treatments that are tailored to the specific antibiotic-resistant pathogen(s). As well as dramatically improving patient outcomes, BJS Biotechnologies calculates SEPSIS-xxpress will save an average of 11 days in ICU per patient, a saving of £2 billion to the NHS alone.

The sample preparation method used by SEPSIS-xxpress has shown valid results with only 10 CFUs (colony forming units) of a pathogen spiked into 10 ml of blood. The performance has been validated using 10 CFU of Gram-positive bacteria, Gram-negative bacteria and fungus spiked into 10 ml clinical human blood samples. All pathogens were detected and correctly identified using the Sepsis-Panel assay.

The Sepsis-Panel assay design utilises patent protected IP developed over 7 years specifically for the identification of antibiotic resistant bacteria. Patent protected Probe-Melt chemistry enables the differential identification of 26 separate DNA sequences targeted in two highly multiplexed assays. The speed of the result, critical in the management of sepsis, is further enhanced by the use of BJS Bio’s xxpress qPCR system which performs the 50 cycle multiplexed qPCR & melt in <40 mins. The BJS Bio unit uses a patent protected heating control system to achieve ultra-fast thermal cycling. The BJS Bio system is CE approved and has full legal Freedom to Operate as a PCR MDx test platform; all the IP required has been licensed to the SEPSIS-xxpress test.


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