The dedicated consumable for the xxpress® has a range of well volumes to ensure optimum reagent use.



xxplates are available in a range of sizes: 24, 54 and 96 well. They have been designed around a standard form factor and are therefore interchangeable. The xxpress will recognise which plate size has been inserted and in which orientation, adjusting the layout of your results accordingly. Our range of plate sizes cover sample volumes from 1µl to 40µl, allowing optimal use of reagents and minimising the cost-per-test. Our 24 and 96 well plates are set on a standard pitch, compatible with auto pipetting systems


Catalogue Number Description Suggested sample volume
XP-3001-01-1  xxplates 24 well (20 plates) 5-40µL
XP-3002-01-1  xxplates 54 well (20 plates) 5-15µL
XP-3003-01-1 xxplates 96 well (20 plates) 1-5µL
XP-3011-01-1 xxplates 24 well (100 plates) 5-40µL
XP-3012-01-1 xxplates 54 well (100 plates) 5-15µL
XP-3013-01-1  xxplates 96 well (100 plates) 1-5µL


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