PCR plate heat sealer with programmable temperature and dwell

sealant machine


The xxsealer™ provides a safe and controlled method for sealing samples into the plate wells. This protects the samples from both evaporation and contamination during the heating and cooling cycles. The dwell time and temperature of the xxsealer™ are adjustable and a visual countdown is displayed during the sealing process for consistent results.

It is possible to pierce the sealing films using a pipette tip to recover the PCR mixture for downstream processing.




Technical Specification

Physical Unit Properties

Dimensions (W x D x H)

Weight (without adaptor)


220 mm x 325 mm x 425 mm

7.2 kg

Mains Supply

Power Cord Rating

Inlet Module Type

Supply Voltage Selections


Supply Frequency Range

Power Consumption

Fuse Ratings and Sizes


IEC C13, 3-Core, 5A min

IEC C14, DPST, Single Fuse

115 110 to 120 VAC ±10%

230 220 to 230 VAC ±10%

50 to 60 Hz ±5%

350 W max

115 T3.15AH 250V 20x5mm

230 T1.6AH 250V 20x5mm

Operating Environment

Temperature Range

Relative Humidity Range

Maximum Operating Altitude


+18 to +30 °C

20% to 80% non-condensing

2200 m above sea-level

Storage and Transportation

Temperature Range

Relative Humidity Range


-10 to +50 °C

20% to 95% non-condensing

Sealing Parameters

Temperature Range

Timer Range

Audible Alert


125 to 200 °C in 1 °C steps

1.0 to 9.0 seconds in 0.5 second steps

On or Off

The xxsealer™ unit is designed to be used with a range of sample plates and consumables the unit comes supplied with the two shown below:

Plate and Adaptor Block Types

Adaptor Block Type Suitable Plate Types
bjs xxplate BJS xxplate™

(Suitable for 24, 54, and 96 well xxplates)

skirted plate PCR 96 Well Semi-skirted Plate

PCR 96 Well Un-skirted Plate

The only film approved for use with the xxplates is the BJS Biotechnologies xxplate sealing film. This film has been specifically chosen as its optical properties are compatible with the xxpress optics system.
Part number HS-3001-01-1.

heat sealing sheets

Catalogue Number Description
HS-1001-01-1 Heat sealing system UK
HS-1002-01-1 Heat sealing system EU
HS-1003-01-1 Heat sealing system US
HS-3001-01-1 Heat sealing sheets – 100